I4WDTA Certified

The mission of the I4WDTA is to promote environmentally responsible, safe, and skilled 4WD use through certifying 4WD instructors that have a proven ability to transfer knowledge and skills to 4WD users through the most up to date training curriculum

The International 4-wheel Drive Trainers Association adheres to international training standards for 4WD training.

Our goal is to provide high training quality and to enable anyone going on a trail whatsoever to enjoy a safe journey and to come back safe under all circumstances.

The I4WDTA is the leading association of 4WD drive trainers world-wide. We set standards for highly qualified off road driving training in a variety of business fields which include the recreational business as well as the governmental support.

I4WDTA certified training is available for any interested 4WD driver as well as for support and recovery organizations. We serve military units and train special diving techniques in the field.

Please get in touch with a certified trainer next to your location to discuss opportunities and prices. You can locate the trainers via our webpage in the “find a trainer” section.

General Information
Our members have demonstrated the professional standards needed to become certified by the I4WDTA. All I4WDTA members have years of experience as trainers and are expert in their 4WD skills.

These skills include driving, field repairs, first aid, recovery techniques, trail ethics, environmental awareness, navigation competency, survival training and expedition preparation.